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Improving Media Performance through Detailed Cost Benchmarking

Make the most of your media investment by understanding marketplace opportunities

Media Analytics Solutions

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Advertising buys are a significant investment for corporations. Media Analytics provides detailed cost benchmarking and consulting services to improve leading marketer's return on advertising investment. We work closely with corporations and offer proven strategies for success, utilizing factual, evidence-based media performance insights.

Our competitive analysis expertise allows US advertisers to better understand the marketplace and maximize their position. With the use of custom, modern technology, we help our clients understand the power of their media purchase through detailed and easy-to-read dashboards accessible via PC and Mobile App.

Some of our clients are looking for a top-line media audit, cost benchmarking, solution. We can deliver fast answers.

Other clients want to know every detail available to them: how their costs look by division, product, network, buying approach, etc and how they behave vs their competitors. We can do that too.

Simply put, we provide our clients with more insight, power, and control over their advertising investment at all levels. We are a nimble company and can customize the solution to fit our client's needs.

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Identify your strengths and opportunities with Cost Benchmarking

We assess the prices our clients paid for advertising space compared to other advertisers in the market at the same time. Benchmarks are always compiled on a like-for-like basis and are sourced from the largest media cost database in the US.

Effectively reach the audience with Competitive Analysis

Along with understanding cost competitiveness, it's also important to investigate effectiveness at reaching the intended target audience. We help our clients answer critical questions like:

  • What are we doing compared to what our competitors are doing?
  • Are we advertising at the same time and on the same networks?
  • What is our share of voice?
  • Do we have an effective Reach/Frequency strategy?
  • Were we positioned correctly for optimal viewership?

Drive Accountability with Savings Validation

The first step in validating media agency savings commitments is defining what our clients are trying to save. The knee-jerk answer is always MONEY. But it’s not that simple in media terms. We must also consider the audience because after all, it is the audience that advertisers are spending money to reach. The consequence of saving money could be delivering the message to fewer people, or even to the wrong people.

We help our clients identify what they are trying to save, set the savings goals, create the right roadmap for negotiation, and implement a solid plan to see the strategy through. The savings can then be validated against the contract agreement for effectiveness and continuous improvement.

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The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Media Analytics

At North American Media Analytics, we use the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence to quickly provide our clients with actionable information that can improve their media costs. Our dashboards give fast access to data, that can be viewed in summarized or detailed formats via mobile app to suit our fast-paced, on-the-go client needs.

We are available to coach our clients through the complex dynamics of the US media market and help them understand what it takes to get the most out of their ad spend. We show our clients how to save money and reach their audience more effectively.

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Effectively Reaching the Audience

It’s critical that ads are properly positioned within the medium. One obvious example to avoid would be when inappropriate pharmaceutical ads air during children’s television programs – no matter what type of discount is available! We can validate that all our client's ads were appropriately slotted for the intended target audience.

We help  our clients better target their specific, segmented audience, and increase the number of customers reached in a specific campaign. With the right information at their fingertips, they can create a coherent, cost-effective strategy with long-term benefits.

It’s not too late to get the most out of your media buy. We can help you improve your position in the US media market. If you have any questions or would like to get started, contact us today!